Your Continued Support

An Update from Admin & Sharing and our Ministry Team

At TMUC, we are grateful for you! 

November 2020

This past year has been one that no one could have imagined as we were journeying though 2019 and creating our vision for 2020 at Transcona Memorial United Church.  While this past year has brought us many challenges as we confront COVID-19, it is year that has also asked us to re-examine ourselves, the lives we live and what we are truly grateful for.

At TMUC, we are grateful for you.

You as a congregation have really supported the work of our church during these difficult times.  So, this note starts and ends with our profound thanks.

COVID challenges have meant finding new and inventive ways to share our faith and to connect with one another. Ministries of worship, pastoral care, and music are now shared online and through phone and mail contact.  Outreach ministry is focussed on the Food Bank and keeping everyone safe.  Caring for the building has continued with much support from congregational volunteers.  Messy Church has moved to an online format with ZOOM and activities done at home.  The Book Group continues to care for each other and to meet monthly – again using ZOOM.  The UCW has an active email loop, and TMUC has an active Facebook page and website.

We continue to partner with the Transcona Council for Seniors as their meal program moves to takeout only.  Children’s Choice Pre-School is back and following all the safety pre-cautions.

Ministry and caring for the community cannot happen without your continued financial support.

That support happens through your contributions to local operations, mission and service and our building fund.  While we will not be running a Stewardship Campaign this year due to the complexities of the pandemic, we thought it was important to let you know where things are at from a financial perspective.

We are pleased to share with you that at the end of October 2020 we have a surplus of $51,900 in our operating fund. This is indeed good news! We are in this healthy position due to a number of factors, not the least of which is that our Council was quick to provide leadership in addressing all the changes needed to deal with COVID-19. This resulted in reduced operating and personnel costs. We also received two significant bequests, welcome relief from the Government wage subsidy and donations by you in lieu of the Dinner Theatre. While we are very fortunate to have benefited from these three latter activities it is important to note that we would have been in a deficit position at the end of October without them, and they likely won’t reoccur in 2021.  So, although we have a surplus at this point in time, we need to look forward with caution.

Our contributions to Mission and Service total $14,800 to the end of October.  Many of the communities that our M&S partners work with are benefitting by your continued support as they meet existing challenges that are magnified during the pandemic.

Building Fund
Another good news story!  We have surpassed our target for our building project!  At the end of October $49,500 funds have accumulated in the building fund, and the outstanding United Church of Canada loan is at $39,900.  This is a surplus of $9,600.

We continue to paydown the loan, but we are not settling the loan in full at this time due to the uncertainty surrounding the pandemic.  We are hoping that we will all be able to gather to celebrate this achievement and to make the final payment in the not too distant future.

In the meantime, surplus funds will continue to accumulate to support building initiatives – faulty lights have recently been replaced in the sanctuary, and we will work towards addressing other pressing needs –one of which will be the replacement of the roof in the upcoming 2-3 years.

So – all in all – a job well done!

Our Journey Forward
As we continue our journey in faith and gratitude during these turbulent and unsettling times, we look to you to continue along the path that you have forged with your abundance of hope and on-going generosity.

As we close out 2020, we ask for your continued regular financial support.  November and December will present us with some challenges as we begin paying for heating costs and face a Christmas season with limited opportunity for gatherings that are traditionally key in supporting the on-going year-round work of the church.

While we may not be able to gather in person to celebrate this Christmas, we ask that share your gifts as a sign of your hope for the year ahead.

2021 Budget
A budget for the upcoming year is currently being prepared and will be provided to you early in the new year. We are looking forward to sharing another financial update at that time. In developing our budget we know that these are uncertain times and trust that you will continue to generously and faithfully support TMUC through your donations and your prayers.  Thank you!

In closing, please know that we will continue to celebrate you and your gifts. They say that you continue to value the work and ministry of our church.

Thank you! Stay safe!  Stay healthy!

In gratitude,

Cynthia Ostapyk on behalf of the Administration and Sharing Team                                         
Carol Fletcher and Jeff Cook, Team Ministers