Your Continued Support

An important message from TMUC Council Chair, Audrey Lumsden:

TMUC Ministry in a time of Crisis

Church life at TMUC has changed in significant ways due to the COVID-19 crisis.  We continue to carry out the work of church ministry with hope and encouragement in different and creative ways. 

Outside of the food bank (operating within strict guidelines), the church building is closed, but our ministry continues.  We are using email, our website, ZOOM, and our telephones to stay in touch.  Carol and Jeff have continued to provide pastoral care and worship leadership, collaborating with our staff and volunteers.  Their creative work continues to bring us together as a community, and is providing our church focus, our outreach and our anchor in these times.  Their worshipful services and connections are always letting us know that we are here for everyone in our midst and beyond the walls of our physical building.

We continue this work, knowing that the upkeep of our beloved church including our staff is an ongoing commitment.

Offerings and TMUC Finances

The TMUC Council Executive is working with the Trustees, the Ministry and Personnel Team, the Administration and Sharing Team and other volunteers and is committed to sharing information with you as we progress through the COVID-19 crisis.

We continue to receive donations through PAR, CanadaHelps, and offerings mailed to or dropped off in the church mailbox.  Thank you for that.  On the other hand, we are not receiving any rental income during this time.  The fundraisers of the Time and Talent Auction and the Caught in the Act Co. Dinner Theatre have been postponed.  This has a serious financial impact on us.  As of March 31, 2020, the yearly deficit is just over $16,000.  While this is approximately the same as 2019, the outlook for April and beyond is very different.

The fundraiser through Glenlea Greenhouses continues to May 1 with a delivery date to the church of Friday, May 22.  This is a small glimmer of light!  Thanks team!

The United Church of Canada is holding weekly webinars to help congregations know about potential loans and appropriate Federal Government programs.  We are following these updates closely and plan to use any and all means to help TMUC.

These are difficult days for all.  We keep you in our thoughts and prayers as you live through this time of physical distancing.  We miss seeing you in weekly worship and in all the other places that we know that the church gathers.  We are mindful that people’s givings may be interrupted for a variety of reasons during this tumultuous time.  We understand.  

For those who are still able to offer financial support to TMUC any and all contributions are appreciated!  It is too early to say anything about the financial situation for April and beyond, but we worry without help our deficit could rise by $8,000 to $10,000 monthly.  

Now is the time we need your help if it is possible.  Donations can be made through:

  • PAR (pre-authorized remittance):  If you are already making contributions through PAR, there is no need to change.
  • CanadaHelps: Canada Helps is a trusted, secure way of donating online. TMUC is one of more than 20,000 charities that receive direct, secure online donations.  The TMUC page on CanadaHelps is
  • Cheques:  If you are accustomed to contributing through the weekly offering, you can use the mail, which is picked up daily. (Please do not send cash!)  

Your givings, support and prayers are very much appreciated at this challenging time. 

Most sincerely,