Messy Church

You are invited!

You are invited to invite others!

Others are invited to invite others!

All are welcome!

Join us on May 4 at 6:10 pm


God’s love fills the universe!

Your love fills my life.

We are all made of stardust,

Mom, you’re the star I look up to!


Messy Church Resources:

Mother’s Day Messages

Mother’s Day Frames


Galaxy Play Doh

We look forward to seeing you on May 4th!

TMUC’s Messy Church planning team
Carol, Brenda, Gail, Lynn, Breanna, Michelle and Crystal


Messy Church is an innovative church concept that brings together generations of family, mixtures of people, whole and wholesome food, and creative play to form a community worshiping together. Under the spiritual guidance and vision of Carol Fletcher, we have had Messy Church since 2011.