Midweek News – Sept 9

Midweek News – Sept 9


We didn’t “escape” from the Escape Room …

But we had a lot of fun trying!

An Escape Room is an experiential game. After listening to a context -setting story (i.e. you have to find the secret ingredient for Grandma’s apple pie, you have to solve an ancient Egyptian mystery…) you enter a room containing numerous puzzles. You must solve the puzzles within one hour to resolve the mystery and ‘escape’.

The last Escape Room we played was designed as an old kitchen.  Several cupboards were locked. We had to find and solve clues in order to learn the combinations that allowed us to open the locks and access more clues!

There were six of us in the room, all making suggestions, solving clues, even trying random combinations on the locks…

As the time ticked away, we knew that we would not ‘escape’…but we still left the room smiling before going home.

Part of the fun, of course, is trying to solve puzzles. But most of the fun is being part of a team of family and friends, encouraging each other, sharing senses of frustration and accomplishment and a sense of ‘what next?’

Which is a lot like life. We come across puzzles – situations we have to try to figure out.  We know what we want, but the way seems locked and we don’t have the combination.  We stare at a picture, and suddenly say, “Wait, I’VE GOT IT!!!” We know that we are part of a community that is working together, playing together, blessed by being together.

Which is a lot like life – certainly life during COVID. We have all been experiencing a sense of being ‘in a room’, unable to escape, trying to puzzle out what is happening, knowing that we are somehow not in this alone.

For people of faith, ‘not being alone’ is an expression of trust in God. We are not alone. We know that there is something beyond this room, and that, no matter how many locks remain unlocked, we always get to return home into God’s love.

We are not alone       We live in God’s world.        Thanks be to God.

We host a weekly ‘escape group’ of TMUC ZOOMERS, who visit via ZOOM.  Everyone is welcome to join our weekly check-in and chat, Thursdays at 9 a.m.

Here is the link to the TMUC ZOOM:
Join Zoom Meeting – All are welcome!

We look forward to seeing you again.

Carol and Jeff