Midweek News – Sept 2

Midweek News – Sept 2


As of today, there are 20 days left until the beginning of Autumn!

The other way to say that is: there are 20 days of summer left this year!

Seasons come…and…seasons go!

Seasons are more than just specific periods of time – seasons are times for specific experiences.

For some, summer means early morning light and late evening sun, vacations, visits with family and friends, gardening, playing outside, golfing, fishing, hiking, water parks, sun tans…

For some, summer means comfortable temperatures for sleeping outside.

For some, summer means it is easier to get outside, maybe enjoy a walk, or a bit of fresh air.

This summer has been different.

In Manitoba, we have had the summer weather, early morning and evening light, but many other things have been different. We have had ‘distance’ and ‘stay-cations’ and visits without hugs or handshakes or via the phone.

Seasons come…and seasons go.

Seasons of the year, and seasons of our lives. The latter include seasons of birth, of learning, of schooling, of work, of parenting, of aging, and of dying.

No two people’s seasons are exactly the same. Life’s seasons sometimes contain unexpected joys and delights, and sometimes contain unanticipated disappointments and griefs.

Seasons come…and seasons go…

Seasons come and seasons go…always in the love of God.

In all the seasons of creation and all the seasons of life, the word of Jesus to his friends during their seasons of life, and his word to us during our seasons, is “Don’t be afraid. I am with you.”

Christian faith communities, like all other communities, will continue to practice social distancing but will do so trusting that God practices spiritual nearness.

We are not alone. We live in God’s world. Thanks be to God.
One of our practices of spiritual and communal nearness is our Thursday morning ZOOM gatherings.   Everyone is welcome to join our weekly check-in and chat, Thursdays at 9 a.m.

Here is the link to the TMUC ZOOM:

Join Zoom Meeting – All are welcome!

We look forward to seeing you again.

Carol and Jeff