Midweek News – Sept 17

Midweek News – Sept 17


A seven-billion-year old space traveler arrived at the earth on May 21, 2019!

The space traveler was a ‘gravitational wave signal’ detected by observatories in Europe and the United States.

The wave signal was caused by two black holes merging, forming one big black hole weighing 142 times the mass of the Sun! They merged about 7 billion years ago – so our space traveler was also something of a time traveler.

These two black holes probably merged because the smaller one got sucked into the larger one. The result was the creation of the biggest black hole detected to date.

WOW!!! Creation is…well…WOW!! Amazing!

Past, present and future seem to intertwine and dance with each other.

Past, present and future…are intertwined and dancing within the eternal Being that is God!

Wherever we find ourselves during these continuing days of COVID, we find ourselves in this WOW-some creation. We find ourselves in the ever-present love of God, our Creator.

We are not alone. We live in God’s world. We live in God’s WOW!
Thanks be to God.

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