Midweek News – Nov 19

Midweek News – Nov 19


There have been some record-setting moments in 2020!

Jenny Graham (UK) rode into the Guinness Book of World Records by cycling 29,000 km. in 124 days, 11 hours.

Getti Kehayova (USA) set the record for spinning the largest hoop – 7.1 m.

Mark Hayward (USA) has ‘walked the dog’ with a yo-yo farther than anyone else – 8.28 m.

This year, November 18, 2020 is ‘Guinness World Records Day’.  Maybe you will use this COVID-19 stay-at-home time to set another new and amazing record for something!

Or maybe you have found other ways of coping with this time of limited physical visiting.

In the spring, sourdough starters were in many homes.  Now, it seems it is a cinnamon bun season.  And there are always jigsaws, and crosswords, and reading and tv and phone calls and…and… If you have practices or suggestions that might be helpful to others, please let us know.

One suggestion we have received, is tuning into Nostalgia Radio (93.7 FM) if you enjoy listening to big bands, jazz, country or other oldie goldies of music.

Of course, there is also TMUC’s weekly ZOOM check-in and chat, Thursdays at 9 a.m.


And speaking of ways in which we use ZOOM to gather together, TMUC needs to have an Annual Meeting.  Our original date for our Annual Meeting was in March, and that was postponed because we wanted everyone to be safe and we wanted to gather together at a later date.  Well…2020 will be concluded before we know it, and there are no plans for in person gatherings at the church.  So, we need to have an opportunity to do the required work of an Annual Meeting.  So…ZOOM it will be.

The Annual Meeting for TMUC will be on Sunday, November 29 at 10:30 a.m. by ZOOM.  The Annual Report (2019) was available in print in March, and there are still some copies at the church if you want to arrange with us to pick one up.  And, it is currently available on the TMUC Website – here is the link: https://tmuc.ca/about-us/news/

The gathering on November 29 will begin with a brief Worship at 10:00, followed by the Annual Meeting at 10:30.

The November 29 Worship and Meeting and the Thursday Morning gatherings use the same ZOOM link, so if you want to try out your connection on ZOOM before the Annual Meeting, please join us on a Thursday morning!  If you want to connect by phone, please let us know and we will make sure that you have all the information on how to do that!

Here is the link to the TMUC ZOOM:

Join Zoom ‘Meeting’ – All are welcome!


We look forward to seeing you again.

Carol and Jeff