Midweek News – March 30

Midweek News – March 30


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We continue to #StandWithUkraine!  On Sunday, the carefully crafted and absolutely delicious cookies raised $390 in cash and cheques at TMUC in addition to other amounts donated online for Humanitarian Relief with the Mission and Service Fund for the United Church.  Thank you for your generosity!  Donations continue to be welcome, please find the link here.

And, we invite you to continue to pray for peace each day. Wherever you are and whatever you’re doing. Pause at 6 p.m. and Pray for Peace. We will #StandWithUkraine!

We want to share with you news from TMUC.

  • Sunday worship is IN-PERSON and on live-stream through ZOOM at 10 a.m.  To be present in person, the mask and vaccination policies continue.
  • And, for Easter Sunday we need a couple of people to serve as Greeters!  If you can volunteer for this, please call Shelley Schau – 431-275-9169.  If Easter is not the Sunday for which you would like to help, is there another Sunday that works?  Shelley is waiting by the phone to hear from you!
  • There is news for Good Friday too:
    The TMUC Breakfast Group is re-inventing itself.  We are meeting for breakfast on Good Friday, April 15 at Ben & Florentine at 8AM.  Yes, it’s early to get up but hey! It’s breakfast! And TMUC will be having a service at the church beginning at 10AM, for those planning to attend.  We will be discussing the future of our group, we’d love your input & ideas.  All are welcome.  Please RSVP to the church office (tmuc@shaw.ca or 204-222-1331 ext 101) so we can get the tables set!

And, there are still a few bunnies waiting for a home…..

Chocolate Easter Bunnies are back!

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TMUC is partnering with Morden’s Chocolates in a Chocolate Easter Bunny fundraiser.  Each 90g Pure Milk Chocolate Flat Solid Bunny is $7.00.   You can order or pick up by contacting the church office.

TMUC must place our last order with Morden’s on April 3 so that means we need to know before then how many bunnies you would like!

Send your order by email (tmuc@shaw.ca) or phone Laura in office hours (Tuesday – Friday, 9-12, 12:30-3:00) at 204-222-1331 (extension 101).





There are just a few weeks left for our Glenlea Greenhouse Plant Sale Fundraiser!  Here’s the link on how to order.

  • We invite you to join our weekly ZOOM check-in and chat time this Thursday from 9 to 10.  Here’s the link:

TMUC’s ZOOM link:

Meeting ID: 753 844 9219


We look forward to seeing you again, and keep you in our prayers,
Carol and Jeff