Midweek News

Midweek News


Is there thankfulness in your life that you are sharing with God?

Do you have prayers in the midst of the chaos of our world?

Are you listening for something that God might say?

Are you praying without words right now? – Living with longing? Suffering with sighs? Agonizing in anger?

My own prayers are a mix.

Thank you.
Please forgive.
God, help.
Thy will be done.

There is a part of the world’s chaos that feels out there and away – at the same time it feels so close at hand.

It is the pain of Pandemic, and racism, of self-righteousness, and apathy.  It is the atrocity of gun violence and horrific accidents.  It is all of life as it is right now.

We live in a world that needs our prayers and our actions.

The UK Kingdom Choir recorded ‘Heaven Help Us All’ in response to the hurts of the world.

How can we respond?

Part of justice and healing is always about caring for everyone in community.

Prayer List

We would like to start sharing the Prayer List again.  If you would like to be on the list or submit a name (the person needs to give you their permission), then please send it to tmuc@shaw.ca and it will be added to the list.  The Prayer List is shared with a group of people (a separate email) who promise to prayerfully read these names each week.  If you would like to subscribe, please send us your request to join.

And caring about one another is what our ZOOM is about.  If you would like to be part (no previous experience necessary), the link follows.  We would be delighted to see you!

ZOOM Check-In

Here’s the link for Thursday, June 11 at 9 am.
Topic: TMUC ZOOM Check-in

Join Zoom Meeting

Hope you can join us!

And, Happy Church Anniversary – today The United Church of Canada is 95 years old!  Here’s to the spirit ‘that all may be one’!

Carol  (Jeff is on vacation until next week)