Midweek News – July 30

Midweek News – July 30


We discovered a miracle in our backyard!

This miracle is green and kind of lumpy.

This miracle is a cucumber. And, this cucumber miracle has been joined by several other cucumber miracles.

There were no cucumbers on the plant we nestled into the soil in May.

But that plant took the energy of invisible light, and converted that light energy into carbon dioxide, chemical energy, oxygen, sugar molecules, and organic compounds.

That conversion process is called photosynthesis. The earliest photosynthesis conversions may have occurred over 3 billion years ago!!

Wow!  That’s quite a history represented in this lumpy green fruit — or is it a vegetable??  Regardless,  that’s quite a dance of light and energy and transformation.

Our cucumber is a miracle…because everything is a miracle!

‘In the beginning…God…created.”

Somehow that beginning and that creation and this God put a cucumber into our hands!!

So if you find COVID-19 isolating is becoming a little boring, just look around…you are in the midst of miracles.

The church continues to be physically distanced, but the miracle of technology is one of the ways  we continue to and stay in touch with one another. Our weekly Zoom gatherings provide a time for us to check in and chat. If you would like to participate (no previous participation required), the link follows.  All are welcome.

Here’s the link for Thursday, July 30, at 9 am.

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We look forward to seeing you again.

Carol and Jeff