Midweek News – July 28

Midweek News – July 28


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“Truly I tell you, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it.” –  Mark 10:15

Jesus never saw children playing at a Splash Pad..

…but if he had…
…he might have invited us to watch
them play…
…while we were watching,
…to discover something about
experiencing God in our lives.

The youngest children anticipate the moment when it happens:

when suddenly a thin geyser rushes from a hole in the concrete, a concentrated stream of water sprays into the air…

and the child smiles, perhaps yells in delight and dances through the water.

Meanwhile, other children are also dancing, running, skipping over the surface of the splash pad – dashing through rings spouting mists of water, positioning themselves under multi-coloured buckets that fill and then dump water on the children’s heads, compressing the handle of a spherical object and watching the water shoot forth…

The children anticipate and expect the water to keep springing forth all around them.

The children expect the water to find them and soak them.

And every time water shoots out of a hole in the pad, it is like it is happening for the first time.

Every time it is surprising and delightful and makes a child want to dance and run and skip again…and again…and again…

Jesus told his followers to stay awake – be awake to the moments when God surprises, when the Spirit baptizes us with wonder.

To be awakened to noticing the deep beauty of the lilies in the field.

To anticipate and expect God to suddenly open eyes, humanize hearts and send people forth to dance, run and skip into their lives with a renewed spirit of hope.

Be ready – for moments of resurrection, when the sacred is released again into this world.

We invite you to receive God’s presence as little children receive a spray of water springing forth from a splash pad. We invite you to be aware that we live in God’s world.

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We keep you in our prayers,
Carol and Jeff