Midweek News – July 23

Midweek News – July 23


According to the Genesis story of creation, on the fourth day God decided to lighten things up!

God created the sun and the moon (“the two great lights” according to Genesis), one to rule the day and one to rule the night, “to separate the light from the darkness.”

God also tossed into the creative mix times known as dawn and dusk – times when light and darkness are not quite so separate, times when they seem to blend together, merging and emerging from one another.

The past four months have revealed and reminded us that members of the global human family are not quite so separate as we may have thought; that viruses don’t care about the national boundaries we create to define and divide us; that ‘white’ deserves no special status amongst God’s children; that humans are but one component of God’s creation we call Earth.

God lightened up both day and night. God created sun and moon. God assured us that all times are God’s times; that at all times God is with us;
that no one and no thing is separated from God’s love.

The church continues to be physically distanced, but not separated as we continue to pray for one another and stay in touch with one another. Our weekly Zoom gatherings are one way we continue to ‘lighten up’ each other’s lives through a time of online visiting. If you would like to participate (no previous participation required), the link follows.  All are welcome.

Here’s the link for Thursday, July 23, at 9 am.
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We look forward to seeing you again.

Carol and Jeff