Midweek News – Jan 20

Midweek News – Jan 20


It’s Messy Church on ZOOM tonight at 6:30 pm

We will Scavenger Hunt and have some fun as we explore the story of the woman who looses a coin and sweeps the house until she finds it.  Click here for details!

And, speaking of having fun…the board game of choice in our home is currently ‘Rummikub’.

The game is played with ‘tiles’ and is based on playing the card game of Rummy as if it is played with two decks of cards.

In Rummikub each tile bears a number from one to 13, in one of four colours. There are also two ‘wild’ tiles!

The object of the game is to be the first player to get play all your tiles from your rack which holds them. You use the tiles to make ‘runs’ of sequential numbers of the same colour, or sets of three or four of the same number in different colours.

You can manipulate and move tiles that have been played so as to make new arrangements, incorporating some of your tiles.

All of which may sound confusing, but once you start playing it becomes easier to understand, and remains challenging to play.

After several turns, undoubtedly you find yourself staring at the tiles, then staring at the various arrangements of tiles that have been played:

  • trying to imaginatively rearrange tiles,
  • trying to discern patterns,
  • trying to build new patterns.

In another realm, it is like something Jesus might have done.  Jesus might have told people to play Rummikub.  Jesus might have told people to look at things and see what might change.

What Jesus did tell people was that the kingdom of God was amongst them.

To those who heard Jesus – and to us who read Jesus’s words in 2022 – that probably seems as clear as…well, as Rummikub tiles on the table.

But, if we engage in the faith equivalent of staring – which is to reflect upon, think about, pray about – then we might start to see reality rearranging in our imaginations. We might begin to discern patterns of compassion and blessing and healing and love.

We might even begin to rearrange some of our own practices and priorities. We might even begin to build some ‘God’ patterns in this world.

Whether you are playing board games, assembling puzzles or watching the shifting snow patterns outside your window, we invite you to watch for the shifting patterns of God’s love in your life. We invite you to imagine the kingdom of God in our midst.

We also invite you to join TMUC’s weekly ZOOM check-in and chat, this morning from 9 to 10 a.m.

TMUC’s ZOOM link:

Meeting ID: 753 844 9219


We keep you in our prayers,
Carol and Jeff