Midweek News – Feb 3

Midweek News – Feb 3


This story falls in the category of ‘Things you won’t see us doing when we return to worship in the sanctuary!’

In 2018, the minister of a Baptist church in Missouri slowly ziplined over the congregation while preaching about the second coming of Christ!

In 2013, the pastor of a 12,000 member church in Ohio launched a series of Easter sermons on the theme of ‘Mission Impossible’ by – you guessed it – ziplining to the pulpit to the theme music of ‘Mission Impossible.’

We repeat – you will never see us do that!

When Jesus wanted to announce his message, he did so by breaking bread and sharing it; he did so by sending his friends out to offer healing; he did so by welcoming the often unwelcomed.

During this time of COVID, the church will be the church the way we have always been the church, albeit it in ways that may seem less dramatic and entertaining than ziplining.

We will be the church by caring for and with one another.

We will be the church contributing to the health of others by wearing our masks, washing our hands, physically distancing and staying home as much as we can.

We will be the church by phoning and texting and emailing and sending letters to tell people that they are not alone, that they are remembered and are precious.

We will be the church by praying for God’s world

We will not be waiting for Christ to return in order to be Christ to one another by the ways we love.

One of our ways of being church that cares for each other is, not by zip-lining over each other, but by Zooming with each other.

TMUC’s weekly Thursday ZOOM is an opportunity to check-in and chat with another and remind ourselves that we are not alone during this pandemic period.  Everyone is welcome to join this online time of visiting tomorrow at 9 am.

Here is the ZOOM link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/7538449219

If you prefer to join us by being on a ‘Party-line’/’Conference Call’ style of phone call, the number to dial is: 204-272-7920

You will be asked if you want to ‘join a meeting’, (say yes), and then enter the meeting ID number: 753 844 9219

We look forward to seeing you!

Also, we remind you that we will be partnering with Glenlea Greenhouses for a spring fundraiser. This year, Glenlea has made a few modifications to help make ordering more socially distant. Everything you need to order is available online here: glenleagreenhouses.com

You can order until April 15. Please order early to get your favourites!

The delivery date for TMUC is May 14. If there is a large volume of orders, we may be in contact with you to set a pick-up time on that date, depending on the provincial health orders in May.

If you have any questions, please email    tmucflowers@gmail.com

We keep you in our prayers,
Carol and Jeff