Midweek News – Feb 23

Midweek News – Feb 23


Just wondering …


Is there something in your life that started out with one purpose – and now has another?

Maybe it is a beloved but cracked mug which now holds pens?  Or a garden planter that was once a rubber boot?  Or …

Did you know that some of the scrap lumber from the church renovation was made into the Little Free Library that is outside the church doors?

At the Annual Meeting for the church, one of the things on the agenda is the proposed Environmental Policy.  Part of the policy asks us to consider the disposal of unused goods and their packaging.  (There’s lots more in the policy!)  You can find the proposed policy on the News page here.


This is how it begins:

A New Creed
The United Church of Canada’s New Creed calls us to live with respect in Creation.

Creation, including our Earth, is a gift from God.
To show our respect for God, we must treat the gifts that God has given us with respect.
This is part of our spiritual commitment.

TMUC’s Mission
As a Church, we seek justice, foster and nurture growth by teaching, worshipping, through music, sharing and being welcoming to all. We value and share our gifts, protect the earth and walk humbly with our God.

In recognition of our spiritual commitment to live with respect in creation, our church community has made the commitment to protect the Earth.

We hope that you will read it and come to the ZOOM meeting on March 6 ready for the discussion.  If anyone has comments or questions, please be in touch with Steve McKendry-Smith whose email is stevems1958@gmail.com

And, if you have questions about the Glenlea Greenhouse Plant Sale fundraiser which is open now until April 15, please be in touch with  tmucflowers@gmail.com

And here is the link for the Glenlea Greenhouse Fundraiser

The Transcona Memorial United Church Annual Meeting will be at 10:30 following ZOOM worship on March 6 at 10 a.m.

The Thursday morning ZOOM is at 9:00 –we hope that you will join us.  Here’s the link:


Or by phone:

Meeting ID: 753 844 9219

We keep you in our prayers,
Carol and Jeff