Midweek News – Feb 10

Midweek News – Feb 10


Just a week until Lent –  starting with Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday!

And before we get there, we have St. Valentine’s Day and Louis Riel Day.  These days come one after the other this year.

Current culture associates St. Valentine with love, and so we have lots of red hearts and fun cards.  History traces stories of martyrdom – a few St. Valentines who were killed for helping others – living God’s love in what they did.

Louis Riel is remembered for his political leadership.  He led a provisional government which negotiated how the new Province of Manitoba entered the Canadian confederacy in 1870.   Riel led a complex life as he sought to protect minority rights, especially of Métis people.  After trying to help the Métis people of Saskatchewan, and being defeated at the Battle of Batoche, he was convicted of treason against the Canadian government and executed in Regina in 1885.  He is remembered today for his leadership in trying to find a path to right relations as Canada grew.

How interesting is it that these days come together.  This gives us the opportunity to reflect on how we follow our calling to live God’s love and justice – wherever we are.

Reflecting together on what is happening in our world is a part of the weekly ZOOM.  All are welcome to join us on Thursday mornings at 9:00.  Here is the link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/7538449219

or by phone:  204-272-7920
Meeting ID: 753 844 9219

And, next Tuesday, February 16 is Shrove Tuesday – sometimes known as Pancake Tuesday.  Let’s have some more time together.  Please bring your pancakes and have dinner with us on ZOOM at 5:30.   We will follow the eating and visiting time with an ‘at-home scavenger hunt’!  It will be fun for everyone – we hope that you will join us!

And, please remember that you are invited to join in on Friday morning at 9:30 forArt and Mental Health’ with Cathie Ugrin, fabric artist.  (the details were sent in a message to you on Monday)

We have made sure that the ZOOM links for all our gatherings and events are the same in hopes that it makes it extra easy to join!

We look forward to seeing you!
Carol and Jeff