Midweek News – Dec 3

Midweek News – Dec 3


Have you done curbside pickup yet?

We have been using curbside pickup for a few things and it has worked well.  In sharing a note with friends, Jeff typed quickly about our curbside pickup and accidentally made a typo.

Never fear – he was typing on a computer – and it was able to catch a spelling error and make the correction.

And so our friends read –  we are doing “curtsied pickups from stores.”

I am not sure when any of us ‘curtsied’ last.  You might laugh at the image of us – slightly bowed, bent knees, one foot tucked behind the other.  Quite a sight it would be!

In seriousness, a curtsey is a sign of greeting and respect. The word derives from the word ‘courtesy.’

Maybe we should curtsey when we make a curbside pickup. We should curtsey to the staff who are making it possible for us to access essential items while practising safe protocols.

Maybe everyday we should look out a window and curtsey to the health care providers, to hospital and care facility staff, to educators, bus drivers, funeral home staff, restaurant staff, store clerks, police officers, firefighters, trucker drivers, and to all those who do not stay at home so that it is more possible for many to stay at home.

And, if you like, you can curtsey to friends of the TMUC faith community during our weekly Zoom check-in and chat.  Or, you can do that on Sunday, when we will ZOOM for an Advent Candle Lighting.  The link is the same for both events.

Thursdays at 9:00 a.m.

Sundays in Advent at 10:00 a.m. 

Please join us!
Here is the ZOOM link:


If you prefer to join us by being on a ‘Party-line’/’Conference Call’ style of phone call, the number to dial is:


You will be asked if you want to ‘join a meeting’, (say yes), and then enter the meeting ID number:
753 844 9219

We look forward to seeing you!

Carol and Jeff