Midweek News – Aug 4

Midweek News – Aug 4


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Look way up!

Look up at a specific time in the evening and you might see the International Space Station as it orbits the earth.

During last week’s TMUC Thursday morning ZOOM visit, one of the participants described watching the space station from the deck of their cottage.  Each evening, sometime after 10 p.m., for about 5 minutes or so, they can see the station moving in space above Manitoba.

The space station orbits the earth about 16 times during the day.  There are websites listing the specific daily time when the station can be seen from wherever you happen to live on earth.

It’s one of those ‘wow’ moments – there are currently seven people living 400 kilometers above the earth.  They are doing things that we are on earth do – eat, exercise, work.  They are also looking at the earth and seeing a world without discernible borders. They see a beautiful blue sphere resting in the vastness of space.


Humans are now up, down and all around.  We are in different places and spaces.

The COVID pandemic has reminded us that in all our different places and spaces, humans share a common vulnerability to disease and suffering,  but humans also share a capacity to act with courage and compassion.

As we begin to talk of living in a post-pandemic world, we can do so aware of our human capabilities and our human fragility.

We can move into the next months aware of the need to care for one another, to be good neighbours to one another, to acknowledge that the health of one contributes to the health of all, and that the health of all contributes to the health of each one of us.

And we can remember, in awe, that humans live in both time and space, part of this great mystery of Life, of existence, of God

We have learned to live in space. May we also learn to live in love of one another. May we learn to live as part of God’s creation. May we learn to participate in both the health and healing of this world.

Technology allows us to live in space and to be in touch with each other despite the spaces between us.  TMUC’s weekly Thursday ZOOM chats are one opportunity to be in touch with each other, to share stories, laughter and friendship. Everyone is welcome to join us tomorrow morning from 9 to 10 a.m.

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We keep you in our prayers,
Carol and Jeff