Midweek News – Aug 25

Midweek News – Aug 25


Thursday Conversation – Aug 26 at 9:00 pm 
Zoom – https://us02web.zoom.us/j/7538449219

‘Tiny bubbles
In the sky
Make me wonder
As I watch them fly’

Our apologies to Don Ho who had a hit with the song ‘Tiny Bubbles’ in 1966.

We couldn’t avoid recalling that song as we watched bubbles – both tiny and not so tiny – float around our yard and ascend into the sky last week.

The bubbles had emerged from the bubble wand with which ourselves and our four-year-old visitor were playing.

We were fascinated by the bubbles – tiny bubbles and larger bubbles; bubbles in which danced a rainbow of colours; bubbles that quivered and played in various shapes in the air…and bubbles that floated on the wind over the grass and garden pots.

Now and then, a bubble floated up and up, above the top of the fence, above the roof line…up, up, up…until no longer visible.

We watched those floating, fragile membranes of soap and water dancing freer and higher than we would have imagined.

Tiny bubbles – so like our dreams, our hopes, our aspirations that sometimes seem so fragile in such an uncertain and challenging world.

But then, one of those dreams, those hopes, those aspirations, dances freer and higher than we dared imagine.

In a world of fires and earthquakes and hurricanes and conflicts and COVID we still dream, still hope, still aspire to living together in peace and love and friendship.

Even in this world, some of those dreams and hopes and aspirations surprise us, and amaze us as they survive and dance with the wind, lifting both our eyes and our hearts towards the heavens.

This week, we invite you to imagine Jesus blessing us with tiny bubbles of hope and new creation.  As we draw closer to the start of the school year we are keeping everyone in our thoughts and prayers.  If there are people in education who would like to be included in that part of the Prayer List, please have them send us a note.

If you are planning on being a part of the Outdoor Blessing of the Backpacks and Bags – please note a correction – the gathering is on the front lawn of the church, 209 Yale Avenue West on Tuesday, September 7 from 6 to 7 pm! If you are shopping for school supplies to donate, this is the time to plan to drop them off at the church — we will have volunteers waiting to receive them.

We invite you to join the ongoing dance of faith by joining in on TMUC’s future online gatherings.  Tomorrow morning at 9 a.m. is our weekly Thursday check-in and chat.

On Sunday (August 29) there will be online Sunday School at 9:30 a.m., followed at 10 a.m. by an online worship service.

TMUC’s ZOOM link for all of these times is:

By phone:

Meeting ID: 753 844 9219

Also, we will be on holidays next week, so there will NOT be a Midweek emailing next week, nor a Zoom gathering next Thursday (September 2).

We will be emailing worship resources and the prayer list for Sunday, Sept. 5.

We keep you in our prayers,
Carol and Jeff