Midweek News – Aug 17

Midweek News – Aug 17


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Today is “Never Give Up Day” 
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International ‘Never Give Up Day’ was initiated in 2019 to inspire in people the determination to confront whatever challenges come our way in life.  Little did they know what 2020 and 2021 would bring!

We know about confronting challenges – either global challenges or more personal ones.

We know about climate change and extreme weather occurrences.  We know that humans need to change the way we relate to the rest of creation.

We know about poverty and conflict and a pandemic.

We also know about personal losses, about grief, about anxiety, about losses of income, influence and abilities.

“Never Give Up Day” encourages us to choose to keep living and struggling and loving and caring rather than being overwhelmed by all the news and experiences.

The Christian faith doesn’t talk as much about ‘never giving up” as it does about ‘having hope’.

Hope is a companion of Faith. Faith trusts that we live in God’s creation. Hope trusts that God is present in all times and places, and that God is active as Source of healing and blessing.

Hope is the nagging reminder that, despite any evidence to the contrary, we live in God’s world.

Hope is the tune we whistle between Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

Hope is trust that God Never Gives Up.

So, on this International Never Give Up Day, we invite all of us to be people of hope.

Hope for healing in Afghanistan.

Hope for the people of Haiti.

Hope for the global pandemic.

Hope for our own country.

Hope for each other.

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We keep you in our prayers,
Carol and Jeff

(P.S.  If you are looking for an alternative to “Never Give Up Day”, the United States also designates today as “National Ice Cream Pie Day”!)