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Superheroes wear masks!!

That was almost 100 per cent true in the comic books I read when I was younger.

Oh, there were a few exceptions, like Superman…but he had figured out that all the had to do was wear glasses and no one would realize that Clark Kent and Superman were look a-likes! (just like no one realizes that without my glasses I am Tom Hanks!)

Superheroes still wear masks!

You may have seen some of these superheroes  – people wearing masks while shopping for groceries, while greeting you at the door of a restaurant, while caring for patients in a hospital, while gathering for the Black Lives Matter rally at the Manitoba Legislature a few weeks ago…

(Note: not all superheroes today can wear masks.  Dr. Theresa Tam, Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer, has advised that people with breathing difficulties should not be wearing non-medical masks, especially during very hot and humid weather )

The comic book superheroes wanted to make the world a safer place for everyone.

During COVID, wearing masks when out in public as well as maintaining social distancing practices and frequent thorough handwashing, are ways to help make the world a safer place for everyone.

Superheroes wore masks to conceal their true identities.  Wearing a mask during COVID reveals our true identity –our identity as s global citizen and good neighbour who knows that we are all interconnected and interrelated as part of God’s creation; who know that what we do as individuals effects the lives of others.

Perhaps it is more difficult to recognize someone wearing a mask, but perhaps it is always possible to identify the other as a child of God.

Where do we ‘see’ God in the Gospel stories – in a baby in a manager, in a friend sharing bread, in a prisoner hanging on a cross???

We ‘see’ God obscurely, in the life of a peasant healer and prophet. We see God in a life lived out of the Creator’s love.

As we continue to live in this COVID time, let us live out of God’s love and see God in everyone we meet – in the masked and unmasked children of God, in the superheroes we are as we live so as to make the world a safe and compassionate place.

During July and August, we will continue our Thursday morning ZOOM gatherings.  Everyone is invited to join in this weekly ‘check-in and chat’. If you would like to participate (no previous participation required), the link follows. Everyone is welcome.

Here’s the link for Thursday, July 2, at 9 am.

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Have a fun, celebrative and safe Canada Day.

Jeff (Carol returns from vacation on July 2)