Lenten News – Feb 16

Lenten News – Feb 16


For some, this is a Mardi Gras Day – a day of feasting and celebration in preparation for the quiet that comes with Lent. 

For some, the celebration is in the joy of ‘breakfast for dinner’ and a feast of pancakes.

You are invited to join in the Pancake Supper ZOOM at 5:30 this evening (Feb 16).  We will eat our pancakes, and share a prayer, and then have a bit of fun with an ‘At Home Scavenger Hunt’.

Here is the link to join in:  https://us02web.zoom.us/j/7538449219

And, as Lent begins, tomorrow is Ash Wednesday.  Cheryl, Crystal and Lynne from our music team, Sylvia Jansen and Carol lead a reflective service with the Reverends Claire Dawe of Manningham Uniting Church and Sandy Brodine of the Banyule Network of Uniting Churches in Melbourne and the music and worship teams of those congregations.   There is time in the service for quiet reflection and prayer – and as we cannot gather together to mark our foreheads with ashes, you are invited to bring white paper and a pencil, or piece of drawing charcoal, or dark paper and a piece of chalk with you so you can draw as you reflect.

And, we have a note from Errol Hendricks to share with you.

We, Arlene and I, wish to express our sincere thanks to all those who have sent cards expressing your sincere sympathy and condolences on the passing of Joy. We appreciate the kind gesture of your donations to TMUC or other charity you chose. Her departure, while very sad, was also a blessing.  Since November 1st, 2019, when she went to hospital for an extended stay, her quality of life was less than desirable. Although, those months of being admitted to hospital many times, are firmly etched in my mind, we will strive to remember her as the Joy she was, and the joy she always brought into our lives. May you stay well and stay safe in these uncertain times. Thanks again.
Errol and Arlene Hendricks.

We are a people of prayer and a people of care.  Thanks be to God for the gifts of love that sustain us even in difficult days.

We keep you in our prayers,
Carol and Jeff