Church at Home – Oct 4

Church at Home – Oct 4


World Communion Sunday means a Sunday morning Communion ZOOM

Here’s the link for 10:00 Sunday, October 4:

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or by phone:
Meeting ID: 753 844 9219

And, thanks to everyone for your support of the Scrap Metal Drive – we will keep you posted on the amount raised as soon as all they tally is complete!

And, there is still room to join in the Messy Church on Tuesday, October 6 at 6:10 pm on ZOOM The information is on the website under Messy Church.

We continue to be so grateful for those who continue to financially support the ministry of TMUC, through your donations on PAR, through and in cheques mailed to the church.  You are making a difference.  Thank you.

Even though we cannot be together in one place, let’s continue to be a community at prayer together.  If you are not on the ZOOM, please consider following the Communion Service at home, or think about the gifts we have in our lives, and needs of our world, and then pray the Lord’s prayer (you can pray silently, or out loud).

And, sometime, when you want to have a longer worship time, we are including some words and videos for your use.

Once each week, the Prayer List will arrive in the ‘Inbox’ of those who want to read the names of those we know need and want our prayers.  If you want to add a name to the weekly Prayer List, please do – ask for a person’s permission if you are adding their last name – and let us know by sending a note to  And, if you want to receive the list, please be in touch with that request as well.

We are gathered for worship and work in Treaty One territory, which is the traditional land of the Anishinaabe, Cree, Oji-Cree, Dakota and Dené peoples and the homeland of the Metis Nation. For thousands of years Indigenous Peoples walked this land and knew it to be the centre of their lives and their spirituality. We respect the Treaties that were made on these territories, we acknowledge the harms and mistakes of the past, and we dedicate ourselves to move forward in partnership with Indigenous communities in a spirit of reconciliation and collaboration.

Worship for Sunday, October 4, 2020

We come to worship with the first verse of ‘Come Touch Our Hearts’

We gather together although we are apart.
We gather in community although we are alone.
We gather asking for God’s blessing on our lives, and on our world.
We gather knowing God is with us.


Our opening hymn is ‘One Bread, One Body


Jeff talks about Worldwide Communion Sunday

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Jeff’s Reflection_October 4


Matthew 21:33-45

“Listen to another parable. There was a landowner who planted a vineyard, put a fence around it, dug a wine press in it, and built a watchtower. Then he leased it to tenants and went to another country.

When the harvest time had come, he sent his slaves to the tenants to collect his produce.  But the tenants seized his slaves and beat one, killed another, and stoned another.

Again he sent other slaves, more than the first; and they treated them in the same way.

Finally he sent his son to them, saying, ‘They will respect my son.’

But when the tenants saw the son, they said to themselves, ‘This is the heir; come, let us kill him and get his inheritance.’ So they seized him, threw him out of the vineyard, and killed him.

Now when the owner of the vineyard comes, what will he do to those tenants?”

They said to him, “He will put those wretches to a miserable death and lease the vineyard to other tenants who will give him the produce at the harvest time.”

Jesus said to them, “Have you never read in the scriptures: ‘The stone that the builders rejected has become the cornerstone; this was the Lord’s doing, and it is amazing in our eyes’?

Therefore I tell you, the kingdom of God will be taken away from you and given to a people that produces the fruits of the kingdom.

The one who falls on this stone will be broken to pieces; and it will crush anyone on whom it falls.”

When the chief priests and the Pharisees heard his parables, they realized that he was speaking about them.


Carol offers a reflection:

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Carol’s reflection_Oct 4


Let us pray:

God, seasons come and seasons go,
but this season of COVID-19 seems to linger.

We are tired, God: tired of physical distancing, tired of restrictions on travel, tired of the uncertainty of when this season will end.

Remind us, God, of the faith of Isaiah, who said,
“They that wait upon the Lord, shall renew their strength. They shall mount up with wings like eagles. They shall run and not be weary. They shall walk and not faint.”

Remind us, God, that we wait as Your people have always waited –

sometimes tired, sometimes fearful, sometimes frustrated.

We wait in faith, trusting that nothing removes us from Your love.

Renew our spirits, God. Help us to find beauty in our familiar surroundings, to find wonder in the sounds and colours and silences that surround us, to find joy in knowing that we live our precious life in Your prodigious Love.

Bless us in our time of waiting, that we might fly, we might run, we might walk, we might be at peace in every season of life.

We pray, God, for all who suffer in many ways in this world.
We pray for those experiencing loss of employment and income.
We pray for those with no shelter from the cold nights.
We pray for those living with illness or with physical pain.
We pray for all experiencing stress, anxiety, depression.
We pray for all who live in places of violence, abuse and bullying.
We pray for all experiencing loss, all who are grieving.
We pray for people and for creation experiencing wildfires.
And we pray for all who offer healing, support, comfort and hope in difficult times:
for care-givers, medical professionals, counsellors, political leaders working for the well-being of communities and for the world:
for teachers, firefighters and peacemakers.
We pray for all who invite Your reconciling, healing, affirming love to be expressed through their living.

God, renew our strength, renew our sense of community, renew our hope, renew our courage in following the way of Christ, in embodying Your love.

God, we pray in the spirit of Jesus the Christ, our companion in all seasons of life. AMEN


Our closing hymn is ‘Tho Ancient Walls’

May God bless you and keep you.
May God’s face shine upon you.
May God grant you peace and joy.
Be in the peace of Christ, this day and always. Amen

We keep you in our prayers,
Carol and Jeff