Church and Home – May 7

Church and Home – May 7


‘Full Moon’ is a somewhat odd description, since the moon is always ‘full’.

The term ‘Full Moon’ refers to the time when it is easiest for humans to see the full moon from earth.

The Full Moon occurs when the sun and the moon are on opposite sides of the earth, but so aligned that the sun illuminates the entire face – or surface – of the moon, that is facing the earth.

The Full Moon is a moment of ‘illumination’ and of ‘unique brightness’. The Full Moon is a time of seeing more of the moon than we usually can see.

We suspect that many of us experience Full Moon moments in our faith – moments when we are more aware of God’s presence, moments of illumination, moments when we ‘see’ more vividly God’s grace in our lives.

Perhaps some worship times feel like Full Moon worship times. Perhaps, for some, Christmas Eve and Easter Sunday – with the stories of Jesus’ birth and Jesus’ resurrection – are times when it seems as if God has shone a light in these stories, making us more appreciative of God’s presence with Jesus.

Perhaps there are times in our lives when we ‘see’ God more clearly – a time of unexpected compassion or forgiveness or welcome or friendship.  Perhaps days may go by when we do not particularly think of God or have a sense of God, and then, suddenly, there is a moment when the fullness of God’s love suddenly shines before us.

So, we invite you, during this Full Moon weekend, to think about times when you have seen more clearly the ‘face of God’ in another person, in creation, in art, in…

We invite you to think about moments of illumination, moments when the light of God’s love and Christ’s presence allowed you to see with a new sense of faith and wonder.

We invite you to reflect on the awareness that the moon is always full, even if we seem to see only a section of the moon. Reflect on the faith that assures us that, even when we find it difficult to ‘see’ God in our life or in the world, we still live in the fullness of God’s love and grace.

You are invited to join us for worship this Sunday at 10 a.m. If you cannot be present, you are invited to join in the livestream.

Here’s the ZOOM link for TMUC:

and, if you want to just listen, you can join by phone:  204-272-7920

On Sunday we will be reading John 14:1-14 and the music includes:

“O Worship the King” -Voices United #235

“When Long Before Time” -Voices United #248

“I See a New Heaven” – Voices United #713

Church News:

Saturday, May 7, we will be having a scrap metal-drive fundraiser at the church. Please bring your scrap metal (cans, old metal lawn furniture etc.) to the church parking lot between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. Members of the Building and Property Team will be there to receive and sort your contributions.

And, thanks for your contributions to the ongoing pop can drive!  We have now raised $330.95!

And, thanks for your support of the Caught in the Act Co. Dinner Theatre.  The production of Borrowed Time was a huge success and raised $15,250 for TMUC!!  Thanks to all the cast, crew, kitchen, meal, and hosting volunteers, and to all those who attended!  ‘We can hardly wait for next year!’

The Council of TMUC is calling a Congregational Meeting in the Sanctuary to be held on Monday May 8 at 7:00 pm

The  TMUC ZOOM link will be available for those unable to attend in person.

or by phone:+1 204 272 7920  Meeting ID: 753 844 9219

The purpose of the meeting is to receive the report and recommendation of the TMUC Search Team who have been diligent in their work.

This meeting will be chaired by the Reverend Mary Best who has been working with the Search Team.  The agenda for this meeting will include a motion to allow adherents to vote on these matters. The Search Team must keep their recommendation confidential until the congregational meeting and continues to appreciate your prayers and support.

TMUC’s Glenlea Greenhouse plant sale fundraiser,plant pick up is at TMUC on Friday May 12 and pick up starts at 3 pm. If you require delivery, please contact and we can make arrangements with you. And, as in other years, we really appreciate your donation of ‘flat boxes’ for carrying plants! Please bring them to the church starting this Sunday.

Items Needed: The New to Canada people from Ukraine need some things – particularly bath and kitchen towels, kitchen supplies — dishes, cutlery, pots and pans, serving utensils, etc,  a stroller and a bassinet for a newborn, (the twins will have a new neighbour soon!), and jams (Jams are expensive in Canada and the families are accustomed to lots of jam on bread and pancakes—and they love homemade if someone is inclined… ).  We also would like soccer balls and outdoor toys and clothes for girls 8 and 10.

Come for conversation!  Tuesdays from 1:15-2:15 and Thursdays from 6-7pm. We welcome people to gather in conversation.  Those learning English are eager to practice! Come and join us in the Multi-purpose room to chat! All are welcome! (if you could help with childcare during the Thursday evening sessions, please contact the church office).

We continue to partner with TruEarth for fundraising.  TruEarth is a Canadian Company that has developed an environmentally friendly hypo-allergenic cleaning products.  The cleaning products are mailed to your home, and very easy to use.  If you have questions there are a number of people in our congregation who are using them.  The fundraising link can be used by anyone across the country so please share the news with family and friends!

Thanks to everyone for your ongoing support of TMUC’s ministry. Donations online can be made through CanadaHelps:

Prairie to Pine Regional News:
The Regional Annual Meeting will be held June 1-4 at the United Church in Meadowood. Details of volunteer opportunities have been circulated – please check previous messages for more details.

We keep you in our prayers,
again, with deep, deep thanks,

Carol and Jeff