Midweek News

Midweek News


Greetings to you!

Send us your photos!

Quick question – can you help with a hymn please?  We need a number of photos – faces – to go with the hymn that our team is preparing for Sunday.  If you can take a selfie, or a family photo (mostly faces please) and send it to Steve McKendry-Smith, he will add it to our project!  The catch – he needs to have the photos to him by noon on Thursday, April 30.  Here’s Steve’s email address: stevems1958@gmail.com

Glenlea Fundraiser

Speaking with things with a deadline – please remember our fundraiser at  www.glenleagreenhouses.com . You can place orders online until Friday, May 1 with delivery to the church on May 22.  What a beautiful world it will be when all the planting is done – we will be looking for pictures of that – just not yet!


Let’s Zoom 

Please remember that ZOOM is a great way for people to connect and check in.  Our weekly ZOOM is on Thursday mornings at 9 am.  All are welcome!

Join Zoom Meeting
If you do not have a camera on your device, and would prefer to access the ZOOM meeting by phone, here is a toll-free number for you to be part of the group on Thursday at 9 am!
Toll free number: 1-855-703-8985
Meeting ID is 753 844 9219



We look forward to being in touch!

We keep you in our thoughts and prayers,
 Carol and Jeff