Midweek News – Sept 22

Midweek News – Sept 22


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This is your day!

If you happen to be the Norse god Odin, this is your day.

Wednesday is named after Odin, also known as Wodin, who in Old Germanic and Norse mythology was the king of the gods.

In naming seven days of the week, the Romans named the days after planets, which were named after Roman gods.  As time went, references to Roman gods were replaced by Anglo-Saxon gods.  There is an interesting article in the archives of The Guardian, if you want the full story.

The Days of the Week Have a Convoluted Religious Heritage!

Wodin was paralleled with Mercury – hence Wednesday in English is Mercredi in French!

These days, Odin is better known to fans of Marvel movies as the father of Thor and king of Asgard.  According to the movie version, Odin bore an amazing resemblance to the Academy-award winning actor Anthony Hopkins.

Today, not many people believe in the god Odin.  Christians do believe in God – the God of Moses, Abraham, Sarah, Esther, Peter, Paul, Mary and Jesus…to name just a few.

We don’t have a day of the week named Godday, but if we did it would be misleading, because our faith proclaims that every day is ‘God’s day’.

Every day we live in God’s world. Every day God’s love permeates live. Every day we praise God through our acts of compassion, healing and reconciliation.

We invite you, as you pray, to begin by saying, “God…this is Your day!”…because those words will be true whatever day of the week you say them!

Speaking of days of the week, Thursday is the day when we can all participate in TMUC’s ZOOM check-in chat.

We invite you to join us tomorrow morning from 9 to 10 a.m.

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We keep you in our prayers,
Carol and Jeff