Midweek News

Midweek News


Volunteers have done it!

The church lawn has had a cut and a trim.  Some have stepped forward to take care of it for the summer.  Thank you so much!

And, others are taking care of one another with regular phone calls, and physically distanced visits.  Thank you for sharing ministry.

We are waiting to see if you will send us some photos of a ‘Lego’ church to celebrate Pentecost that is this Sunday.  It can be a fun project – and if you do not have ‘Lego’, feel free to build a model church in anything at hand.

And, if you want to stay connected, it’s ‘bring you own coffee’ to ZOOM.

Zoom with us!

Here’s the link for Thursday, May 28 at 9 am.


Hope you can join us.
Carol and Jeff