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Butterfly Beatitudes!

Carol planted some milkweed in our gardens this year.

Milkweed has been described as a ‘magnet for butterflies.’

Apparently, that is an apt description, because this week, while relaxing on our patio. I saw a monarch butterfly.

I watched the butterfly for a few minutes. There was a strong wind gusting and I thought the apparently fragile butterfly might be forcefully blown away…but I needn’t have been concerned. The butterfly seemed adept at flying both with and against the wind.

The butterfly flew from plant to plant, but seemed to pause only briefly at each, as if it couldn’t decide between finding a place to land or continuing to dance in the wind.

Jesus advised people to learn by observing the birds and the lilies.

Perhaps we can also learn by observing the butterflies, so I offer a few ‘Butterfly Beatitudes’:

  • Blessed are those who can move with the winds that blow through this world, but also know when to fly against the winds. Blessed are those who can be moved to deeper compassion and to seek a more just world, while flying against attitudes and systems of oppression.
  • Blessed are those who, when unsure where they will land in a world of shifting protocols and values, can find joy in dancing with the winds of change.
  • Blessed are those who trust that there is more to our humanity that we suspect; who know that caterpillars can shed one form of being and live again as a reborn butterfly.
  • Blessed are those whose lives are like the transparent wings of a butterfly, reflecting light to reveal and celebrate God’s multi-coloured creation.

May God bless us with grace, peace and transforming love.

May we be blessing to each other, reflecting the light of God’s hope, compassion, and friendship in a revelation and celebration of God’s creation.

May we be blessing as we care for and about each other.

One of the ways we care about each other in the TMUC community, is through our weekly Prayer List.  If you would like to be on the list or submit a name (the person needs to give you their permission), then please send it to  tmuc@shaw.ca. If you would like to receive the Prayer List, please send a request to join.

Our weekly Zoom gatherings are another way to care for each other. If you would like to participate (no previous participation required), the link follows. Everyone is welcome.

Here’s the link for Thursday, June 18 at 9 am.

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