Men’s Breakfast Group

** Please note: Due to COVID-19, worship service and all programs, activities and rentals with the exception of the Food Bank are suspended at TMUC . Once events resume, this page will be updated. Stay tuned **

Perhaps we should rename this group “Toast and Talk.”

We usually meet every second Tuesday at 8:00 a.m. We toast a loaf of bread, make coffee and tea, open some jars of jam and peanut butter, then eat…and talk.
At some point, one of us reads the Gospel lesson that will be read at Sunday’s worship service, and then we talk. We usually start by talking about the scripture passage, then we embark on a few related-to-the-passage or not-so-related-to-the-passage tangents, then wind up our talk by again saying something about the scripture passage. We then clean up and head out to experience God during the rest of our day. We have fun and occasionally we find ourselves challenged or enlightened…or both.

All men are welcome to join us.


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