Food Bank

DSC03389Since 1988 TMUC has been the home of the Transcona Food Bank!

Food Bank can be accessed through the front glass doors. There is a ramp outside and an elevator inside for those in need.

The Food Bank is a partner in the community with other churches, organizations, businesses, and schools. We serve the community with twenty-two openings each year (usually twice a month with the exceptions of January, February, July and August when there is only one opening).

Approximately 93 families gather for each opening. In 2016 there were 2046 family visits, consisting of 3401 adults and 2358 children.

There are approximately 45 regular community volunteers. And, throughout the year there is additional volunteer support from the schools, the Transcona Railer Express Hockey Club, the businesses, TSEN, and beyond.

If you are in need of the Transcona Food Bank, please call Winnipeg Harvest 204-982-3660 and register for the next opening!

Working together, we strive to meet the need in the community.